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My house smells amazing. Yours could, too!

It's almost been a century since I last blogged. I extend many deepest apologies and a delicious crockpot apple butter recipe to my three loyal readers.

I always have big plans with my blog that I can never live up to but maybe when I'm an empty-nester I will become an avid blogger and then, theoretically, I will also have wisdom and life experience to bring to my writing. Bonus! Right now it's hard to balance all the things I want to do and learn and be and sync them with my schedule--three kids, third trimester pregnancy, husband in law school, etc. Excuses, excuses, I know.

I have, like usual, bitten off more than I can chew or rather, picked more than I can chew. I have pounds of peaches and apples. I actually just finished making raisins and fruit juice concentrate from Concord grapes. The bounty of summer is too irresistable, especially when it comes in the form of free picking. I am thankful for so many friends who have fruit bearing trees, or have the green thumb i…

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