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So, yesterday I took the kids for a stroller-walk in an attempt to get out of the house and get some exercise. We do this periodically, although not often enough for me to proudly say "I work out." Ha.

Usually our walks are quite uneventful. However, we had the pleasure of some new company on that walk: a stray dog. He jumped on our trail like it was a bus ride. He happily followed us for the entire walk, a stop at the playground and then, took up residence outside the front door for the afternoon and most of the evening.

Some of you are probably thinking "Well, if you hadn't pet him and talked to him, he wouldn't have followed you and hung around." If you know me, then you know that I did no such thing. In fact, some of you might say that I would only be intentionally kind to four footed creature if my life depended on it. My conversation with the dog was quite the opposite--I told him to go away, go home, that he wasn't wanted, I kicked in his direction, etc. The more I tried to persuade him to leave us alone, the more he panted happily and stuck close.

I actually left the house mid-morning to go play with the kids at a friend's house and the dog got trapped in our garage while I was trying to leave. I had shooed him away but when there was a foot left before the door was closing, he scurried inside. You should have seen his pleased little fuzzy face. Talk about nerve! I had to reopen the garage, tell him to get out, and then close it AGAIN all in sizzling Texas heat and my babies in the car! Not to mention it made me late for my very important playdate.

I thought about calling Animal Control to come and get him when he started jumping on my front window and scratching it with his little paws, begging to come inside. With no collar, I figured that wouldn't have been the kindest. You know what happens to animals without collars that get picked up by Animal Control. We've all seen "Lady and the Tramp." I am NOT that mean. Even if I am not a dog lover. The dirty white fluff ball finally gave up on us before dark yesterday and found a new home. Hopefully, it was a happy home.


Tammy said…
Kyrsten, I think this little puppy was one of the signs that you need to join the others in your family and become a dog lover...they will keep following you because Ethan, Meira and Trey love dogs...better just join the party and decide what kind you want us to get for Meira's birthday.....or Papa says an iguana for Christmas for Ethan ;)
Janette said…
Mean Kyrsten!!! Poor little pup!
Kierstyn said…
LOL! That's funny. I think I would do the same thing. Great minds, you know!

Now that I've found your blog, can I link it to my blog?

See you Sunday!

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