But you speak for all "real" women?

Wendy Doniger of the University of Chicago's Divinity School wrote last Tuesday of Palin: "Her greatest hypocrisy is in her pretense that she is a woman. The Republican Party's cynical calculation that because she has a womb and makes lots and lots of babies ... she speaks for the women of America and will capture their hearts and their votes has driven thousands of real women to take to their computers in outrage. She does not speak for women."

-IHT article

It is a good chance that most women don't feel that they're really represented by Doniger who "holds two doctorates, from Harvard University and the University of Oxford, in Sanskrit and Indian Studies." (wikipedia article)

Is that really a more typical example of the American woman? Someone who has spent time studying Sanskrit and Indian studies? Not that there's anything wrong with studying those subjects, but to assume that Sarah Palin cannot be called a "real" woman is sheer stupidity and arrogance, particularly in light of what Doniger has done with her life. On what authority does Doniger get to claim the right to speak for all women? The fact that she hasn't had "lots and lots of babies?" Or the fact that she has gone to the most elite graduate schools in the country?

Brilliant. I think that I would like to take a moment to vomit into the trashcan under my desk.


Tammy said…
I couldn't agree more....I'll find a trashcan too!!

Seriously, how does she come off thinking that she could speak more for "all" women than Palin?

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