I'm it!

I 'got tagged' which I didn't even know existed in blog life and now, you will be subjected to my participation of the "tag." I am going to share with you SIX random Kyrsten facts. Here goes:

1. While studying abroad in Valparaiso, Chile for five months, I went with my Chilean host sister to a market in Chile and had my nose pierced for $1. Studs cost .40 cents. It was a steal and so far, I'm healthy...ha. Just kidding. The piercing fell out my senior year of college and if it wasn't like fifty million times the Chilean cost to buy a stud and/or re-pierce it in the States, it would already be done. 

2. I am a very curious person.  So much so that I sometimes ask questions that are inappropriate--the best part being that I don't even think that what I said was inappropriate but totally normal. Oops. I also have no gatekeeper which makes for a grand combination...

3.  I have never been stung by a bee or broken a major bone (I broke my toe in elementary school--of all things and no cast required), in all my twenty seven years. I kinda feel like I have been left out of a childhood rite of passage. Kinda. 

4. I have never been to a single alcoholic party. Yes, I was that goody-two shoes girl in high school AND college. 

5. My freshman year of college, I trained for and ran in the Disneyworld Marathon (yes, all 26.2 miles) with the Leukemia Society's Team in Training program--we helped raise money for child Leukemia patients. I hi-fived Mickey as I floated through the Magic Kingdom...(pat on the back). And, my momma got to watch me cross the finish line!!

6. I went to Kindergarten twice. I guess I wanted to have naptime for another year. Wink. Actually, my family was in transition and my mom thought it would be wise for me to be held back. So that is why I am always the smartest one in the class....ha. 

Now, it is my duty to tell the rules and tag some people that I want to read random facts about...

First, the rules. 
1. Post the rules on your blog. 
2. Write 6 random things about yourself.
3. Tag 6 people at the end of your post.
4. If you are tagged, DO IT and pass it along.

Second, Becky Baskin, Janette Bridenstine, Kendra Duty, Jamison Brunone, Rachel Supercinski, and Terri Chanlatte (my momma!) are all tagged!!


Jamison said…
I went through kindergarten twice too!! Unfortunately, it was because my first kindergarten teacher tried to force me to write with my right hand, and I am a LEFTY!! =) Talk about making life confusing for a five year old.
Interesting! I can totally see you with a nose ring.

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