More politics . . .

Just a question as I continue to skim through the Boyd book: The Myth of a Christian Nation:

Should the fact that a tax collector and a zealot lived together and ministered together under Jesus inform our interaction with those who belong to different political alignments but call Jesus Lord? Alternatively put, is it possible to hold different positions on some political arguments and still commune together? Or, can Christians disagree on politics because they agree upon who is King? Finally, is it right to excommunicate someone from the church (or exclude them from your "orthodox circle of friends") for voting for a certain candidate?


Jamison said…
Oh yes! Matt Lee passes me the collection plate every Sunday and we totally don't agree on Sarah Palin.
The rest of this message is for Kyrsten:

Yeah, that whole homecoming queen thing...there was probably a miscount that nobody bothered to challenge. =)
I love Annie Reed and she told me that your husbands knew each other--so cool! I miss you guys. Come back to mommy's group!!

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