Sweet moments!!!

I put both kids down for a nap about 1PM. An hour later, I could still hear Ethan chattering with himself in his big boy bed. A little frustrated, I barged into Ethan's room and asked him why he was playing instead of sleeping. He couldn't answer me, at least he chose not to. 

So, wanting the quiet of two babies sleeping simultaneously and feeling quite drowsy myself, I told Ethan to get back in bed and I would lay down with him. This always produces a big grin on his face and is usually a futile attempt on my part to entice him to sleep (he just kind of giggles quietly that Mommy is laying down on the bed with him.) However, today was a different story. After asking me to pull the blanket over him, he promptly began thumb-sucking himself to sleep. Two minutes later, as I was just about asleep, I could hear his heavy breathing. Then his thumb slowly fell out of his mouth. He was out. Slumbering peacefully. Looking awfully precious, until, the drool started to ooze out of his mouth. He was definitely asleep. This won't work every day but it worked TODAY and Momma got a sweet moment out of it.


Tammy said…
YOU ARE A WONDERFUL MOMMA!!! and I enjoyed seeing those precious ones sleeping peacefully this past weekend.

Love you!
Tammy said…
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Becky said…
I just spent two nights sleeping with Jack and he snored like an old man all night last night! I do love that feeling when they fall asleep next to you and you hear that deep breathing. You feel like you just won a gold medal for putting your 3 year old to sleep!

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