An excerpt from Just Courage

"The fact is, when people choose to be brave instead of smart, their courage is generally so threatening to those who are smart rather than brave that they end up being maligned, not congratulated. This is what the Bible says we can expect.

But that is what it takes to show the love of Christ to [those] held as slaves. So sometimes we have to decide: Are we going to love, or are we going to look smart? Because loving the needy doesn't look smart. And, sadly, in much of our culture this is one of our deepest fears: looking like a fool, naive, unsophisticated, a little too earnest, a loser."

-Gary Haugen, Just Courage

Nothing atypical about these kinds of calls being made in Christian literature--many Christian pastors and writers have been trying to figure out how to awaken the Western church from their affluence induced stupor. The difference lies in the specificity of what Haugen is calling Christians to and the credibility he has gained by involving himself in the work of bringing justice and redemption to those who are being oppressed, enslaved, raped, etc.


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