Powell endorses Obama

In case you hadn't heard this on the news yet: former secretary of state Colin Powell endorsed Senator Obama yesterday.

Very interesting. Then again, perhaps Colin Powell is also a closet Muslim Communist intent on bringing Armageddon to American shores . . .


Tammy said…
well, I hear all of the conspiracy stuff about Armageddon etc...I found it interesting today that on the front page of the DMN:
"Now appearing near you: Obama
Huge fundraising lead helps him become an omnipresent candidate"...
I thought that only God was truly Omnipresent
Will said…
For someone who isn't voting ... 60% of your posts for the Month of October are heavily politically flavored.

Yes, I find this humorous.

I guess it doesn't matter since you're in Texas.

Love and Kisses,
B Coughlin said…
What! Did you really just say that!

I found the Colin Powell interview to be very well-balanced and stimulating. I was glad that someone finally said, "what if he was a Muslim! Is that such a bad thing." I may be in the minority, but I don't think Muslims are terrorists. I have tons of friends who I love dearly who are Muslims. It is not a bad thing to be a Muslim. Armageddon! Totally ridiculous.

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