I want a kayak

So I've been wanting a kayak for a while now. I'm not sure what put it into my head first, but for over a year now I've wanted to either start kayaking or join a crew team. I have scant experience with the former and none with the latter. The idea appeals to me.

Just did the presents thing early and got a nice gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods. I think that it might be time. Problem: don't know much about them. I don't really know the benefits of an inflatable versus a hard shell besides the easier storage with the first. Anyone have any insights?


Andy said…
I would think inflatable:
risk of tearing; harder to maintain buoyancy (What if it had a small leak?); lighter when carrying; easier storage (you covered that one); easier transport;
Hard Shell:
Can probably repair to some degree any holes it might get; leak would also be bad; heavier (not sure if this would hurt or help you in manuevering, would be more difficult to manuever, but probably would be more stable?); harder storage and transport;

These are just my thoughts from a lack of experience but I think it makes sense perspective.
ninepoundhammer said…
I would just cite the adage:

There are two happy days in the life of a boat owner; the day he buys it--and the day he sells it.
Will said…
get this:


Tammy said…
Hmmmm.....this sounds very familiar to me as my husband has wanted a kayak or canoe for many years-just never took the time or money to get one.

Not sure about some of the benefits, etc... of either, but your sister is a certified kayak instructor-see what she thinks...., but I am definitely certain that a kayak sounds much better than Will's suggestion ;)

Andy made some good points and ninepoundhammer used the same quote my dad said after he sold our boat..so those are my thoughts for you. I do think that you would really enjoy it.

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