Early on in marriage, when Trey and I were still considered newlyweds, we had random, anonymous people pay for our meals. More than once or twice. Our waitress would come to the table and tell us "Your bill has been taken care of." Nice, eh? 

All those free meals have somewhat tapered off (although Trey's frequent residence at Starbucks does does afford him many a free drink). 

Today, the magic of receiving free things from random/anonymous people has transferred to new set of blues eyes in this little family: Meira Bryn.  The kids and I had a 'Mommy and Us' date at Chik Fil A after they happily put up with some errand running this morning. While playing in the playground, they made friends with a set of girls who were ages 2, 3, 4. The 3 year old was a cousin to the 2 and 4 year olds. The five of them were running up and around the play area squealing and growling. At some point, the three girls got together and put on their shoes and left the play area for some ice cream. Ethan, fairly oblivious, kept playing. Meira, started to play until through the glass she noticed what the three little friends had left to go do: eat ice cream. She pressed her little nose against the glass, occasionally removing it to point and smile and say "ice cream, mommy." I tried to dissuade her from continuing, but she was mesmerized. The next thing I knew, the door to the playground swings open and the mother of the two little girls tells me "She has beautiful blue eyes! It's my two year old's birthday and we are all having ice cream. My husband thinks your little girl needs some ice cream. Can he buy some for her?" After a slight hesitation, what else could I do but accept their offer? So, I put Meira's shoes on and we joined their birthday party. 

When I got to the table, I put Meira in the chair and she ate that ice cream cone like she had been doing it for years. I honestly don't think she has ever eaten ice cream any other way than by spoon. But, after studying the way those little girls carefully licked their ice cream, she knew how to do it.  I sat next to her and chit chatted with the parents--some adult conversation in the middle of the day--unheard of! The dad told me a couple times that Meira "just needed it." I guess as the father of two girls, he knows when they need some ice cream! I really think he just thought she was so cute and couldn't resist buying her something. Ethan finally realized what was going on just in time for the last few bites which Meira obligingly shared. What a fun lunch date!


Tammy said…
Oh, that beautiful little one...Ethan will mesmerize as well, but some girls just know how to do it especially well...I point you to the sweet little "pouty, smile picture". I'm glad that you had such a fun day!!

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