Not a bad idea, in my opinion

What do you think about this suggestion for the pending stimulus package?


ninepoundhammer said…
There are many sundry reasons to oppose such a plan, chief among them that it will only make matters worse. Deficit spending/ inflation of the money supply will only speed our economic demise.

Secondly, there is nowhere in the Constitution where charity is authorised; it is certainly not right to forcibly take money from one to give to another.

Thirdly, this points out where the church is failing: WE should be helping those who need assistnace--and holding them accountable.

Whew. I feel better now. :)
Tammy said…
Another issue is the word "temporary" as Social Security and some of the other government programs that are on-going were originally supposed to be temporary back when FDR was trying to get us out of the Great Depression. Also, it would concern me about the religious base getting involved as it could become a sticky wicket for the whole issue of church/and state...I would see more $$ for the ACLU lawyers-I think there are some merits to the idea; I'm just not sure how it could operate

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