This Kid

You always hear those stories about how preschoolers, who have not learned social etiquette yet, embarrass their parents by what they say, very loudly in crowded public places, I might add. We've all gotten that forward about the little boy in the bathroom with his mommy who narrates his mommy's #2 business in a public restroom. 

Here's our latest embarrassing kid moment: 

So, Trey and I kind of involved Ethan in the whole presidential election process. He was told who was running and he actually came with us on voting day! Because we have a subscription to Newsweek, whose covers have been plastered with the presidential candidates every other issue (sometimes more often than that!), Ethan knew by face the contenders for the presidency. Throughout it all, Ethan (on his own accord and choosing) would scream enthusiastically for Obama. His zeal for this guy remains. Just last night our little family went out to eat and as we are sitting at the table of a nice restaurant talking to our kids and each other, we (for a reason I can't remember now) asked Ethan who was going to be the new president of the United States. After a thoughtful pause, he exclaimed as loud as he could "OBAMA!" You would of thought we had promised him candy or ice cream. The level of excitement and volume was equivalent. With that contagious and winning smile of his he peered at us expectantly, full of pride at his little performance. What else could Trey and I do but quickly glance around the restaurant, shake our heads and chuckle. Three year olds. You can't take them anywhere.

We are just storing these little moments up for the day when it is our turn to embarrass our kids. Ha. 


Tammy said…
ah....and it does come ;) even when you don't do it intentionally

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