An Assortment of Articles for your Analysis

Sometimes, I really hate blogspot. In trying to post a photo from online, I ended up losing all of that I had already written. Stupid blogspot.

This time, I shall not try to include a pic as apparently that is beyond blogger's technological capacity.

An art review of Bruegel's "Triumph of Death." Great painting, well written article.

WSJ article on the youth of Iran and the complexity of that society. Fascinating place.

Interview with Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida, on the GOP, educational reform, and how to use politics to accomplish real changes.

Finally, a link to some articles by Harvard Business professor Rakesh Khurana who I heard this morning on NPR. He has some excellent things to say on the ethos behind much of corporate America's failure to accomplish the social and economic benefits that business is supposed to serve in a free-market capitalist country.


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