Kristof again

On Myanmar

"I found it difficult to interview people in Myanmar, because I was traveling as a tourist with two of my kids (and my wife is sick of me getting our kids arrested with me in dictatorships)."


Andy said…
I like the excerpt. I have to admit I dont know enough about what Obama has promised, has addressed human rights issues in other countries in any way? Or was it part of his campaign platform?
o wise one said…
I'm not sure what your question is in reference to exactly since the article wasn't really about Obama's stance on the issue.

The only references to Obama were that now that he is in the White House, a review of our approach to Myanmar should be reviewed. At this point, Obama has more international credit than Bush did over the last few years, and so Kristof is hoping that he will employ that for the benefit of those who live in Myanmar. Does that make sense?
Katie said…
hi trey! it's good to hear from ya! yeah, i'm in africa! i had you guys on my list to send updates to, but there a few people who i forgot to get their addresses before i left for africa. which is really bad... i thought y'all might be interested though! things happened kind of fast from when i got an assignment, raised support, and had a plane ticket. i've been here since november & will return to tx at the end of april. there's details on the first few posts of my blog if you want to read about how i got here. =) i hope you and your family are well! Give Kyrsten a hug for me. =) bless you guys!!!

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