Taxes question

Do you think that there is a genuine difference between "raising taxes" and "removing tax breaks for certain groups?"

It seems to me that there is a vital difference.

Tax breaks are not a Constitutionally protected right, and are therefore given solely for the purpose of gaining some socio-economic goal that would not occur by simply collecting that tax. Right?

If so, it seems perfectly fair to me for the government to remove that tax break if no socio-economic benefit is being gained from that break in order to try to provide what the tax break was failing to provide.

Of course, the counter argument may simply be that the government should have as little money as possible and therefore every tax break is philosophically justifiable even if there is no apparent socio-economic benefit resulting.

Thoughts? Matt (Lee and Moore), are you calling me a liberal communist right now?


ninepoundhammer said…
Taxes ceased being a method for simply meeting the governments' budgets a century ago and became a method for social engineering, vote buying, and taking punitive action against ideological enemies.

In the Old Testament economy, everyone paid the exact same temple tax--not same percentage but the same amount in real terms. I am for fair taxation--but prefer no taxation. The U.S. Constitution originally called for filling the Treasury via import fees, excises, and tariffs. That's good enough for me.

To-day's tax system is an abomination. Still, I render unto Caesar...
Tammy said…
I happen to agree w/you
9lb-hammer...the social engineering, pork-barrels(both sides) I mean really, why do we need to take care of the Mormon Grasshopper, the swine deodorizer Iowas, grapes in NY etc?...these special interests sneak in regardless of what the President of the day says about line by line didn't happen and now there is going to be even a bigger bailout...if we are to pay taxes; then pay the same amount...I wouldn't mind if we didn't all pay the exact same amount of taxes, but DO think that a flat tax rate would be the most fair-10% of whatever you earn w/no loopholes-just flat rate for all...of course that will never happen or we wouldn't need the IRS, CPA's etc...
matthew said…
I would LOVE a flat tax. And no, I just call you a bastard.

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