Back from our hiatus

The wife and I took a trip last week to Boston and DC. It was my spring break and so we dropped the kids off with the grandparents (many thanks to the Chanlattes and the Arbuckles) and headed east. Thus the absence in posting, publishing  comments, and responding to Matt Lee's slanderous attacks on a Mr. Alexander Hamilton . . .

Anyways, here's a few shots:


A shot of the Boston Public gardens. I always love parks in the middle of cities.

Nice shot of us at the harbor.

Kyr's hair attacking me at the harbor.

Working the sass.

Uh, Boston Harbor part 3?


Kyr's showing all of DC that she is indeed pregnant, or at least everyone who was in the lobby area of the National Gallery of Art last Wednesday.

Poor Vincent and poor Trey--his photographer was having a hard time seeing his vision much as Europe failed to appreciate the genius that was Van Gogh.

Beautiful piece by Monet on display at the National Gallery.

Supreme Court--enough said.

Washington Monument at sunset--
would have turned out better had our camera not decided to start being stupid.

Great trip. Some fantastic food (and some mediocre food--we don't recommend Bertucci's, but we do recommend Legal Seafood). Good times.


Tammy said…
great photos, will you send them to me in an e-mail so I can upload them..I need some pics of you and Kyr! I think the Monument as sunset photo is still beautiful!
ninepoundhammer said…
Hey, one man's slander is another man's searing insight!

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