The Inestimable Boris Johnson

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, puts a plug in for memorizing poetry. I read much of this article today to my juniors in an attempt to convince them that the time required to memorizing T.S. Eliot's "The Hollow Men" is worthwhile.

My only addition would be to include a commitment to memorizing passages from the Bible as their versatility, beauty, and power cannot be matched.


Caroline said…
Hey Trey! Great to hear from you! And congrats on your 3rd on the way! So exciting. Where are you guys now? Let me know who your friends are up at WTS. I don't really know anyone:)
Josh Hargrove said…
I've long wanted to memorize some poetry and I think you blog was just the motivation I needed to push me over the edge.

I'll work on The Hollow Men, then maybe move on to some Robert Frost...any suggestions?
phillip said…
i used to listen to garrison keillor's "writer's almanac" every morning on the way to a construction job in california, and then try to memorize that day's poem while digging trenches or running pipes.

i always failed, but felt that the juxtaposition itself was poetic enough.
arbuckle said…
I'll give some suggestions in a post here soon, Josh.

I really like Garrison Keillor, and I agree the juxtaposition is certainly poetic in itself.

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