Trey's Intuition

Finally, four weeks overdue, we have found out what Trey always knew: our third child will be our second DAUGHTER! That's right, there's another pink stink in my tummy! 

Trey has been right EVERY time. He even bet me a trip to Hawaii right before the ultrasound with Meira. If we keep having kids, I am going to skip the ultrasound next time. It's basically useless when it comes to finding out the gender. I never know and Trey always does. 

Here's hoping this girl is brunette! 

Now...what to name her? Eeek!


Andy said…
Congratulations on the upcoming baby girl. What did he get for winning the bet for Meira?
arbuckle said…
Who eeks? My wife is the cutest.

But, as she said, I am the intuitionest. That counts for something.
Rachel said…
Congratulations! That is very exciting news!
The Arbuckles said…
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The Arbuckles said…
Trey got he satisfaction of being right and heavier wallet!!!!
ninepoundhammer said…
Very nice--congratulations.

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