Just stop it, will ya?

"Sports salaries show what we really value"

Could you consider spending your time and money doing something a little more beneficial? Or at least consider, as you proceed to criticize how much money actors, athletes, and the 'fat cats' of Wall Street are paid, that your values are reflected in our economics.


Tammy said…
no argument here....I enjoy sports as I do watching some movies, but I do think the pay scale for both are outrageous....really? The sad thing is that so many of them can earn millions that most of us couldn't imagine in a lifetime, yet like Michael Jackson-he was $400 million in debt, yet still was living in a $100,000 per MONTH rental mansion....athletes, actors and the "fat cats" like all of us can get the slow boiling frog syndrome...don't even know that our expectations have become gaudy because it creeps up on us slowly. I like the idea of picking a salary that you feel like is comfortable that you could possibly make and give away everything above that for the rest of your life.
Tammy said…
I do want to point out that I still believe in capitalism so that government doesn't dictate what "everyone" should earn. Just wish our society valued teachers and other public servants more. Read of yet another baseball player who earned $31 million dollars and lived a very lavish lifestyle-he is now bankrup...pure craziness

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