Ridiculousness never looked this ridiculous

I received the following in an email today. I read it. Then I promptly went into the backyard where I laughed and cried like a hysterical madman*. After that I came inside to write this blog post. For those of you who might still have some part of your mind committed to the belief that politics can be a serious engagement of the mind and heart regarding the future of a community exercised by thoughtful people committed to free enquiry and dialogue, do not read anything further. Just tell yourself that Santa Claus actually does exist (your parents were lying the SECOND time when they said that he didn't actually exist and tried to take credit for giving you all those presents over the years), keep on believing that the political conversation is serious and worthwhile, and send all of your money to to the political party of your choice or me. If you want to take a step further into the abyss of madness, read the following.

*I didn't actually do this. I wrote it here to communicate a point. I'm writing my memoirs and calling it something like "A Thousand Big Pieces." Anyways, I digress. Finish reading the rest of the post now.

Trey --

In many ways, the fight for health insurance reform comes down to a battle over information. The more people know about how broken the system is and the President's plan to fix it, the more they want change. But there are an awful lot of lies to cut through, and a whole lot of truth to get out.

So today, we're proud to announce a powerful new way for you to help: Organizing for America's Health Reform Video Challenge.

This is your chance -- you ingenious, insightful, funny people out there -- to make a 30-second ad telling the story about why the status quo has got to go, or explaining how the Obama plan will ensure we get the secure, quality care we need without breaking the budget.

The top submissions will be voted on by the public and a panel of experts, with the winning ad aired on national television. This is your opportunity to add your voice and creativity to the debate, get some great exposure for your work, and make a huge difference.

Click here to get started.

No experience is needed -- if you have an idea, we want you to give it a shot. And if you know someone who is especially handy with a camera, please forward this note along right away. Just make sure you submit your ad by October 18th.

Your video could be as simple as you talking straight into the camera, as complex as a full-blown production with a script and special effects, or anything in between.

We're looking for serious videos: You can tell your personal story about how the broken health insurance system has affected you. You can illustrate the big picture about what's wrong now and how the President's plan will help with animations, charts, and facts.

We're looking for funny videos: You can parody those trying to scare us into inaction (between the lying pundits and the insurance company spin doctors, they've given us some good stuff to work with).

And we're looking for new ideas we never would have thought of but we know will blow us all away.

We know that compelling videos can touch people in a way that words alone simply cannot. The messages that regular people put together will make a bigger difference than any false smears or slick ads the other side can dream up. And who knows -- your creative, powerful, or touching video could help tip the balance in favor of health reform.

So go get started today!


I can't wait to see what you come up with,


Natalie Foster
New Media Director


Becky said…
wow. I am so disturbed at the way this administration goes about things. So very disturbed.
AR said…
this is why i'm an anrcho-capitalist.

let me ask a simple question: what happens to the person who, in a completely nonviolent fashion, decides that he wants to live outside of the government? Say he wants to go about helping the poor in a different way than the government's taxation for welfare programs.

What happens to this man?

Men with guns will come to his door and demand that he pay up, or else they will drag him off to prison, and probably charge him a whole lot more money. Is this justice? Did this man ever sign some agreement saying he would voluntarily pay his money to the government welfare program?

It is not until we can shake off the burden of government that we can truly be free. And, yes. You can quote me on that. ;)

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