Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Thunder Rolls

Hooray! We finally got internet at our home and so now the frequency of blogging from the female half of this pair will be interspersed with the my male partner in crime. You should wait with great expectations!

Here is a little taste of what is to come:

The other day I was getting Ethan and Meira ready to go night-night in their room. I was closest to Ethan, and Meira was standing away from us, near her bed. All of the sudden, I heard a very recognizable, thunderous noise coming from the direction of Miss Princess Particular. I looked at her, and said "Meira, was that you?" She smiled knowingly and said "Toot..." and then gave a little grunt of a giggle. In shock, I glanced at Ethan who said, very much in surprise, "I thought that it was a big motorcycle outside." 

I STILL laugh about this incident. Ethan's reaction is what is so funny!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Presumably, he doesn't need it anyways . . .

But still, it seems that a few other CEOs could follow his lead:

from The Wall Street Journal

Jan. 28, 2009

Starbucks will close another 300 stores and cut nearly 7,000 workers as it continues to reel from overexpansion and a sharp sales slowdown.

Revenue was $2.6 billion in the company's fiscal first quarter, down 6% from a year earlier. Starbucks reported net income of $64.3 million, down from $208.1 million a year ago.

CEO Howard Schultz asked the company's board of directors last week to reduce his annual base salary to $10,000, from $1.2 million, a move the board approved, according to a company spokesperson. Once his health-care coverage costs are deducted from his salary, Schultz will earn less than $4 a month

Thursday, January 22, 2009


So, was this when he had his secret copy of the Qu'ran in his pocket?

Justice Roberts must be in on it too!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gotta love Melville

Despite the opinions of many that Moby Dick is simply too long and detailed to be worthwhile (I confess that I used to be of this opinion), the more I read of it now as a teacher the greater my appreciation. Here's a line that I just read that is a great example of his style:

"[Queequeg] put on dry clothes, lighted his pipe, and leaning against the bulwarks, and mildly eyeing those around him, seemed to be saying to himself--'It's a mutual, joint- stock world, in all meridians. We cannibals must help these Christians."

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Early on in marriage, when Trey and I were still considered newlyweds, we had random, anonymous people pay for our meals. More than once or twice. Our waitress would come to the table and tell us "Your bill has been taken care of." Nice, eh? 

All those free meals have somewhat tapered off (although Trey's frequent residence at Starbucks does does afford him many a free drink). 

Today, the magic of receiving free things from random/anonymous people has transferred to new set of blues eyes in this little family: Meira Bryn.  The kids and I had a 'Mommy and Us' date at Chik Fil A after they happily put up with some errand running this morning. While playing in the playground, they made friends with a set of girls who were ages 2, 3, 4. The 3 year old was a cousin to the 2 and 4 year olds. The five of them were running up and around the play area squealing and growling. At some point, the three girls got together and put on their shoes and left the play area for some ice cream. Ethan, fairly oblivious, kept playing. Meira, started to play until through the glass she noticed what the three little friends had left to go do: eat ice cream. She pressed her little nose against the glass, occasionally removing it to point and smile and say "ice cream, mommy." I tried to dissuade her from continuing, but she was mesmerized. The next thing I knew, the door to the playground swings open and the mother of the two little girls tells me "She has beautiful blue eyes! It's my two year old's birthday and we are all having ice cream. My husband thinks your little girl needs some ice cream. Can he buy some for her?" After a slight hesitation, what else could I do but accept their offer? So, I put Meira's shoes on and we joined their birthday party. 

When I got to the table, I put Meira in the chair and she ate that ice cream cone like she had been doing it for years. I honestly don't think she has ever eaten ice cream any other way than by spoon. But, after studying the way those little girls carefully licked their ice cream, she knew how to do it.  I sat next to her and chit chatted with the parents--some adult conversation in the middle of the day--unheard of! The dad told me a couple times that Meira "just needed it." I guess as the father of two girls, he knows when they need some ice cream! I really think he just thought she was so cute and couldn't resist buying her something. Ethan finally realized what was going on just in time for the last few bites which Meira obligingly shared. What a fun lunch date!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

This Kid

You always hear those stories about how preschoolers, who have not learned social etiquette yet, embarrass their parents by what they say, very loudly in crowded public places, I might add. We've all gotten that forward about the little boy in the bathroom with his mommy who narrates his mommy's #2 business in a public restroom. 

Here's our latest embarrassing kid moment: 

So, Trey and I kind of involved Ethan in the whole presidential election process. He was told who was running and he actually came with us on voting day! Because we have a subscription to Newsweek, whose covers have been plastered with the presidential candidates every other issue (sometimes more often than that!), Ethan knew by face the contenders for the presidency. Throughout it all, Ethan (on his own accord and choosing) would scream enthusiastically for Obama. His zeal for this guy remains. Just last night our little family went out to eat and as we are sitting at the table of a nice restaurant talking to our kids and each other, we (for a reason I can't remember now) asked Ethan who was going to be the new president of the United States. After a thoughtful pause, he exclaimed as loud as he could "OBAMA!" You would of thought we had promised him candy or ice cream. The level of excitement and volume was equivalent. With that contagious and winning smile of his he peered at us expectantly, full of pride at his little performance. What else could Trey and I do but quickly glance around the restaurant, shake our heads and chuckle. Three year olds. You can't take them anywhere.

We are just storing these little moments up for the day when it is our turn to embarrass our kids. Ha. 

"The Evil Behind the Smiles"

An IHT article on sex slavery--focused upon the story of a Vietnamese woman in Cambodia, but of course the problem is not limited geographically.

Let me put another plug in here for the book "A Crime So Monstrous" by Ben Skinner.