Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Federalism Amendment?

The Wall Street Journal published an article by Randy E. Barnett, law professor at Georgetown, arguing for a Federalism Amendment.

What do you think?

Friday, April 17, 2009

SOS Conference in Austin?

As I was writing the last post, I came across information about the Song of Solomon conferences going on this year. I actually attended one when I was single in college and thought it was very helpful in preparing for marriage. Now that I'm married, I would love to attend with my wife and learn together how to do this marriage thing better. Apparently, Mark Driscoll and his wife will be the main speakers this October in Austin.

Care to join us?

Mark Driscoll stuff (mainly on men and lust)

"My desire as a Christian pastor is to see churches raised up as communities of grace ruled by Jesus and led by his gloriously masculine men who work their jobs, eat their meat, drink their beer, romance their wives, study their Bible, and raise their kids in glory and joy (Jer. 29:4–7;Eccl. 9:7–10)"
-Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle

He wrote a little booklet that a friend of mine had posted on his blog with a hearty recommendation. I just now skimmed through it and believe that it is worth passing on. The booklet is grounded in a biblical understanding of man as the glory of God and as such having a glorious calling to lead, fight, and serve. Remaining enslaved to various forms of sexual lust as a Christian man is simply not an option. There is too much that He has given us to enjoy richly, too much work that He has called us to that desperately needs to be done, and too serious of consequences to play around with sin (of any kind).

I've been reading a lot of Driscoll's stuff lately; it seems that the Lord has really laid a lot upon his heart lately because he has come out with several books that are solidly theological and intensely pastoral. I'm reading through his Vintage Jesus right now and just finished recently Death by Love; he has another one out titled Vintage Church that promises to be a good read as well. If you haven't heard of him, check him out: Mars Hill.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Random Sampling of Arbuckle Kid Cuteness, Silliness, and Weirdness

Belly Kisses
During our daily storytime before naptime, Ethan looked down towards my protruding belly with a soft smile and patted the belly (as so many adults do to pregnant bellies--apparently it is a universal human response without regard for age). Then he leaned over, kissed my belly and told it "I love you" in his sweet, sing song voice. Meira, who lately repeats every word and action of her older brother, also leaned over but with a much quicker, efficient smooch. Perhaps that reveals a little of her hesitation at the impending arrival of another female in the household to steal away Daddy's heart...

My Hungry Princess
At all the times of the day, the little blonde cherub who has stolen her daddy's heart will say to me as an invitation to give her food ,"Mommy, I hungy ALWAYS!" "Always" is capitalized because her tone and enthusiasm quadruple when she gets to that word. She loves to eat but you would never know it based on her dainty little frame.

Tortillas in the Sky
The other night, we decided to go for leisurely stroll around our neighborhood after an early dinner. On the way back to the house, the light of day was growing dim and the sun was showing it's final magnificence in the sky. Trey and I commented on how beautiful it looked. We asked the kids what they thought and Ethan replied, "Yeah, it looks like tortillas in the sky." Ha. Don't ask me for an interpretation. I would have called it something different but his little imaginative eyes saw tortillas--with peanut butter, I would guess. 


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Poll explanation

Help me out here. A student of mine and I were having a friendly little debate and I decided that I needed to poll my "several" (?) readers for their opinions. So, do me a favor and vote.

phillip.: Somaly Mam

Let me recommend a post for you to read today. Read the post, check out the book, take a look at the organization. Don't turn a blind eye.

phillip.: Somaly Mam

Monday, April 6, 2009

When blogging is cruel and unusual . . .

. . . but also, painfully funny--thanks Matt for this link.

I don't know if I can even laugh at this . . . but my wife sure did!