Thanks for listening

I am here to report great news, everyone. My little memo to the blogosphere has been heard. (insert a standing ovation to those teachable hearts...)

Today was errand day.

I had to go to Target to return something. I had to stop by our previous pediatrician's office and request they "release" my kids medical records. I needed to go to the dum dum duuuuuummmm....Grocery store (scream like you've just seen Godzilla!) And, to add insult to injury, we'll just say there was derision amongst the four of us. Mommy was nearly at the breaking point and yet was exposing all of us to prime conditions for patience-testing behavior.

Then, something miraculous occurred. Or, I should say, several miraculous occurrences followed.

The customer service lady at Target drooled over Natalie in her little papoose and eagerly gave stickers to the grabby little hands whose little voices were demanding and forgetting to say please.

After deciding (rightfully) that I should NOT leave the kids in the car while I ran into the doctor's office to take care of the paperwork, we arrived to a locked door. They were all at lunch. No wonder doctor's are always behind. Tsk, tsk. But, then.....serendipity! The doctor's husband shows up and works magic. He gets me inside. The nurse is friendly and understanding. She gets that I'm handicapped--three kids and two hands.

Side note: What a shame mothers don't grow extra arms for all the kids they have, then the "hands full" comment would be totally eliminated! Even better to be like Elasti-girl from The there's my superhero dream power!

And, finally, it must have been declared an official Just Say No day to the "You've Got Your Hands Full" comments at HEB because I didn't hear it once. Instead, one lady told me my family was beautiful--even after Meira kept (as in more than once, twice, thrice...) pointing at and mentioning her gold front tooth. That nearly made me cry right in the middle of the produce section. Another lady told me, "Don't apologize. I think it's great" after I said sorry for blocking her exit from her car while I unloaded each kid and struggled to get Natty situated in the papoose. Blessedly shocking, I know.

God is merciful. His hand of grace marks every aspect of our lives. I am deeply thankful for that truth. Even on days when all I hear is "You've got your hands full!!!"


Sarah said…
Hi Kyrsten! I don't know how I missed the fact that you blog. One of these days mine will be up and running again.

We must've just missed you at the stores today, as we were also doing errands. I could really identify with what you've written!

Y'all should come over sometime and see our new house. The kids have a swingset, and finally a back yard to play in!
Janette said…
I love it!! Its really the simple things in life these days that really make or break your day with little ones. Can't wait to see you guys next month!!

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