Those stinkin' New Year's Resolutions

I recently had the oil changed in my car. My uber-friendly service man asked me with twinkle in his eye and sparkle in his smile if I had any New Year's Resolutions. I replied, "Uh, no." Then, I thought to myself "I kind of stopped making those after high school and after so many, well, failures."

However, truth be told, there's just something about the advent of a new year that gives all your unmet ambitions a little bit of jump start. Maybe it's the cool temperatures. Maybe it's all those subliminal or not so subliminal messages on the radio, TV, even Facebook. It's probably psychological as well as cultural. Whatever the explanation, the phenomenon exists. Can you really say you don't feel it too??

I will admit it. That freshness in the January air invigorates me. I normally like to make to-do lists and the past few days (thanks to this New Year Phenomena) my mind has just been spinning; brewing up all kinds of new things to try or re-try and I am writing them down, making lists.

So, just to shake things up a bit and be like my husband (keeping everyone guessing--he hates being put in a box), I've come up with a bunch and filtered it down to a few of those elusive resolutions for this year:

Ta daa!

1. Actually write in those three journals I bought over 6 months ago. The idea was to record those precious, fleeting moments of my sweet children's every day life as well as my prayers for them--one book per kid. What treasure it will be someday, I thought!

2. Read the entire Bible in one year along with my cute hubby. We've got a plan, thanks to our friends at Park Church in Denver, and bookmarks, and so far we are right on track.

3. Brush my teeth TWICE a day. I know, I know. Here's to better dental hygiene in 2010.

4. Learn to sew. I am finally moving beyond sewing a button on a shirt. Hopefully.

5. Work out regularly, for the sake of my spinal health. Cliche, I know, but still valid.

I think that's plenty. Five is a good, manageable number.

I'll let you know how the whole brushing the teeth thingy goes. On second thought, maybe I won't. That could be embarrassing.


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