Murderous thoughts or righteous indignation?

It's not earth shattering news.

It happens. Probably with some regularity.

But, it brings this non-confrontational, do almost anything to keep the peace, docile spirit of mine to tearful, murderous, eye-twitching anger. I will probably dream later, like I always do, that I am beating the perpetrator to a pulp.

No, I don't often have dreams where I beat someone up but I do often "give it" to people in a way I would never do in real life. It's like my psyche takes care of that release of frustration in the crazy, intense, virtual reality that are our dreams.

It is the consistent, blatant, horrific abuse and theft of childhood, especially of young girls that evokes said reaction out of me.

Read this.

See what I mean?

Now, which is it? Am I thinking murderous thoughts that I need to repent of or am I righteously angry? Like, in a "In your anger, do not sin" kind of way?

Unfortunately, probably some mingling of the two.

Vent concluded. Thanks for listening.


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