Anyone still out there?

I know, I have been horribly inconsistent in my commitment to posting on commonsensical things. Starting my own business, working to start a classical school in North Denver, and my most precious task--doing life with three kids and my hot hubby has kept me a little busy, disorganized, and absent from all my beloved blog readers.

However, a new opportunity has given me great impetus to return to you all. My awesome brother-in-law, who blogs at Money Is Not Important, has asked me to guest post on his blog. I will be talking about how to eat real food (read: healthy) on a (gasp!) budget.  I am really excited about this chance (he has 5,000 readers) and hope you all will follow me over there on January 31st.

For a little encouragement, I've got a little something up my sleeve. But, you'll have to come back and visit me here on Thursday, when I plan to regularly post, to find out what that might be. Trust me, it'll be worth it.


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