A preview of what's to come

My mood is in line with the day. It has been marked by a quiet, somber covering of grey. Hearing about a 14 year old child beaten to death because she was raped, and culturally proclaimed an adulterer, wrenches your spirit and colors your day drab. 

Tree oulined against grey sky
Tree outlined against grey sky by swan corner

This article is a great introduction to a blog series I'm planning. There is a book on my bedside table just screaming for me to read it. I will. But it must wait. It's going to require more of me. And, I want to really ingest it. So, starting soonish I will be reviewing it chapter by chapter on my blog.

Anyone want to read it with me?


Kelli said…
what book is it?
It's called Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof.


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