About those blog posts I promised....

My big plans to blog about my time in the city where the streets have no name (shameless U2 reference that is also a fact....street names in Dublin are IMPOSSIBLE to find), have been thwarted, miserably. Somehow I thought with two weeks of kid-free time, I would have the leisure to write profusely about my experiences in another country. Ha. What I have learned is that writing is a pleasure but it is also a work.

And, I haven't been feeling much in the way of working.

Imagine that. 

Maybe because I wasn't entirely kid-free. There was a little one blooming in my tummy, making me tired, a wee nauseated and dreamy. I was also completely enamored with my book. The book I was reading, not writing. So, instead of chronicling my fantastic summer abroad, I devoured The Count of Monte Cristo. I slept in until 9AM most mornings and rendezvoused with Trey to a lovely french bakery in Dublin called Queen of Tarts, about four times. It was my consolation for being in Europe and not able to drink the fruit of the vine. Ok, really, Trey and I just loved baked goodness, but it was a good excuse.

Now that I'm back home, in Denver, I am finding the thoughts and time to write.

Sorry I've been gone so long.

I'm going to make up for it this week and fill you all in on my time in Europe and my time since being home. Hold on tight! It's been a summer full of joy, sorrow and plenty of grace.

Until then,


Kirsten Lamb said…
Congratulations on the little one blooming in your tummy!!! We're glad you're back :)
Rachel said…
Congratulations, Kyrsten! When are you due? I hope you are enjoying being home and with your little ones all together.
Ladies, thank you for your excitement. I guess I wasn't clear enough by using the past tense and alluding to a summer sorrow but I am actually no longer pregnant. His story is coming soon.

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