Baby Adam

We're expecting a new friend to enter the world today. I announced to my kids at breakfast that our dear friend Julie is about to lose her belly and gain a sweet bundle for her arms. We are all SO excited to share their joy!

And, then, shortly after breakfast, while Ethan and Meira were drawing at the table, Ethan alerted me to his artistry. It was a momma-sized hand with a palm-sized creature whose body was without much form but it had little limbs with fingers and toes. It had a small eye and the very beginnings of a mouth. He asked, "Momma, what was the name of the little boy you were going to have?" With grief swelling in my throat and eyelids ready to pour out saltiness, I managed to breathe out "Adam." It wasn't the official name. We never actually gave him one. We talked about it. I'd always loved the spanish name Adan which is is translated as Adam in English. Adam means "of the earth." It seemed fitting. 

Jolted out of my flashback, Ethan asks innocently "How do you spell that?" He wants to write it down, by the picture he drew of his little brother. He wants a name for his brother. That's what we do---name life. 

And, in naming we give him a place in our life and a way to remember. So, today, when new life miraculously bursts forth for a friend, we remember our Adam and give thanks.


Averitts said…
What a precious gift from the Lord...both Adam himself, and Ethan's remembrance of him. What beautiful perspective He has given you. Thank you for sharing. -Alyson Averitt
Becky said…
I have been thinking on the beauty of this post a lot recently. God's gracious gift to you of where Adam is.

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