Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An Ode to January & a Welcome to the New Year

Why, hello there, January. You arrived typically as you always do--right after the tornado of the Christmas season. Thanks for being predictable and undemanding. There's comfort in those qualities.

I'll be honest, 2011 was a challenging year. I'm more than happy to welcome in 2012. There's just something about the change of the year that offers so much hope for other things. You're right. It's just a culturally ingrained phenomena but all the same...

....there's change a 'comin'.

For me. For you. For all us.

And...(shocking statement coming; I mean, you might want to sit down) I've got plans.

I plan to be a more attentive, intentional and joyful mother.

I plan to be a more prayerful and supportive wife.

I plan to blog more. (pray for me!)

I plan to be on my computer less. (this is a challenging when you consider my 'blog more plan'...)

I plan to listen better.

I plan to call my mom and dad more regularly. (love you guys!)

I plan to fail and keep going.

How do you handle the New Year?

Happy February's Eve,